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Minimalism is about keeping in your life only those things that bring you pleasure. Ones that make you feel good whether that is by feeling comfortable or competent or joyful. Getting rid of things that have “should” attached to them will make for a better life.

There is no right number of things; you will know when you get there. The following pages are simply what works for or otherwise intrigues me.

I have been a minimalist most of my adult life. First because I didn’t make enough money to buy anything beyond the basics. Second because I married a soldier and we moved eleven times in our first ten years of marriage. Then because I realized clutter makes me jittery and anxious.

Eventually the reason became that, having realized we had seen more of other countries than we had our own, we decided to travel more in the USA and to do that by moving into a motorhome which required selling nearly everything we owned.

Another motivator for me was weight loss. When I had to buy my fourth set of clothes in just a few years I got more and more picky about what clothes I would buy.

Clothing decisions were easier than RVing decisions so we’ll start with that one and progress to several more categories. But, you don’t have to read them in the order I wrote them. If some topic speaks louder to you than others, feel free to start with that one but later ones sometimes reference earlier ones so if you are just starting you might want to read from the bottom up.

Be aware that this is my way of minimalizing. Most minimalist bloggers tell you how to get rid of things. I’ve never been a “most” anything so I don’t do that. Instead I tell you what I recommend keeping. Your way may be totally different and that is fine. You still might learn something from reading my ideas.