Minimalist Cleaning

While housekeeping is technically included in our rent here we haven’t wanted extra people to hang about during the pandemic so we’ve gone back to cleaning on our own. Still being a minimalist we have few tools but they do the job.

The one most used is a Swiffer duster. The handle I have is an extending one so I can reach everything in our apartment without having to climb on a step stool. The head is disposable which is good for those of us with dust allergies as it immediately goes in the trash and I wash my hands. The refills are packed tightly in a box so they have to be fluffed before using them but once that’s done they literally pick up messes including hair and dust bunnies. Then I extend the handle and set the head at an angle and use mine to sweep the kitchen and bathroom floors. It’s not pretty when I sweep the bathroom but it sure is nice to know it picked up everything.

Then the floors get mopped using a Swiffer mop. The refills for that already have cleaning fluid on them so I just put one on, mop into all the corners, then throw away the mess.

Another favorite cleaning tool is microfiber cloths. We can use these on a great many things including putting one on the mop handle to clean inside our big windows. It amazes me how well microfiber cloths clean things even without adding any product. One wet cloth and one dry cloth makes quick work of counter tops and appliances. And we use one to dry the shower each time we use it.

That doesn’t mean we don’t use any products. We tend to spill things on carpets. So we spray spots with Resolve then use microfiber cloths to soak up the spot. I love how easy it is to simply throw the cloths in the laundry to be used again and again. We are careful not to use fabric softener when washing microfiber, though, as that clogs the fibers then they don’t work so well.

Speaking of washing cloths we use Tide Free to wash clothes and, as mentioned above, no fabric softener. We also use Shout Color Catcher sheets so we don’t even have to sort laundry by color anymore. No more surprises about what color t-shirts Dave will have this week.

And we vacuum carpets. Ours badly need shampooing right now but we will schedule housekeeping to come do that now that we have had our coronavirus vaccine injections. I know we could rent a machine to do that ourselves but all that housekeeping money we haven’t been spending during that pandemic might as well be used to do something.

When we wash dishes we use one of two products. Dawn blue if hand washing and Cascade pods in the dishwasher. We learned to use Dawn blue while RVing because it works even in cold water but does not mess with the septic systems we dumped our holding tanks into. And the pods keep us from spilling dishwasher soap everywhere—do you know how small those dispensers are?

We’re pretty simple about cleaning ourselves, too. We use Head and Shoulders shampoo because that’s what Dave’s dermatologist recommended. And we use liquid Ivory to wash the rest of us because it does not set off any of my allergies. We keep a soap pump on each sink and refill them using that same bottle of liquid Ivory so we even minimized that product.

Of course, we use a few other products, like toothpaste, but we don’t really need to get into all that, do we?

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