Minimalist Clothing

As I have been gradually loosing weight for several years now, I have had to buy new wardrobes more often than I normally would. I am unwilling to spend a lot of money doing that so I have found a few pieces that fit me well and are comfortable and I just keep buying those in smaller sizes.

Courtney Carver taught me about her Project 333 in which you pick 33 items of clothing and accessories to wear for the next three months.

Karen Trefzger taught me about her 4 x 4 method of choosing clothes in which you pick four items of clothing in each of four categories.

Neither includes things like workout clothes, pajamas, winter outer wear, etc. in those counts—just the cloths worn daily.

Here’s what I decided to do with that knowledge.

Four neutral bottoms. This is where you put things like slacks, skirts, shorts, etc. Since I never wear skirts, shorts or dresses mine are all pants. During this pandemic with its stay at home orders I have been wearing four pairs of black yoga pants. Once socializing begins again my plan is to buy one pair each of black jeans, black slacks, and gray slacks to add to the blue jeans I already own.

Four neutral tops. This may included shirts, blouses, cardigans, blazers, etc. Mine are all long-sleeve t-shirts with either v-necks or crew-necks. I own one black shirt, one black shirt with white print, one gray shirt, and one gray shirt with black & white print. So I have that category covered.

Four colorful tops. Again mine are all long-sleeve t-shirts with v-necks. Mine are berry, teal, bright blue, and wine.

Four miscellaneous pieces. This is where you put things you might want only one of. Since I only wear casual clothing (I am retired.) I chose to put my jackets here. They include one gray hoodie, one maroon hoodie, one blue/white print jean jacket, and one blue chambray big shirt.

By mixing and matching those items I can wear a different outfit every day for 128 days which means I would never have to wear the same combination even twice in four months. Of course, they don’t all look well together but even so, of those that do, I would never have to wear the same outfit twice in Courtney’s three month time period.

So sixteen pieces of clothing is enough.

Oh, I also chose four pairs of black shoes. Crocs, dressier shoes, wedge sandals, and a pair of high-top tennis shoes.

And two black purses. A small one that carries just my basics for every day and a large one I carry when traveling so I can put extra things in it.

And I own a few scarves which I can tie around my neck or waist or use as a hat band to add even more variety to my clothing. A black shirt with black slacks looks very different when worn with a variety of scarves. But that is still not as many as 33 pieces.

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