Minimalist Furniture

In 2008, when we decided to move into a motorhome and go exploring the USA, we sold nearly everything we owned including all our furniture. So, when we came off the road we needed everything.

We started by defining everything with a minimalist mindset. Then we went to IKEA and ordered an apartment’s worth of furniture and had it all delivered on one day.

Yes, I said IKEA furniture. Yes, much of it is pressed wood with a birch finish. Yes, most minimalists suggest buying high quality goods that will last a long time. But, we were already old so how long would our furniture need to last? Our only child did not want to move it from Minnesota to Montana so why buy quality? The only item of quality we own is a couch that has been moving back and forth among family members for many years and has needed to be repaired/recovered more than once.

To minimize the number of pieces we needed to buy we looked for things that could serve double duty.

We each have a three drawer dresser that we use as bedside tables. After all, when you own so few clothes, there’s plenty of room in the top drawer where each morning we can stash things we like to have out overnight.

We bought a file cabinet to use as and end table between “our” chairs and another file cabinet to hold Dave’s music which we ended up also using as an end table. The one by our chairs also has a small drawer where we stash remotes. We have way too many remotes but Dave uses all of them so they stay.

Our large screen TV could hang on the wall but we placed it on a low chest with two drawers which hold our toys–Dave’s, mine, and ones we keep for visiting children.

We put our dining table in the kitchen so we could place my desk under the kitchen’s pass through where most people would put their table.

The family couch also acts as a guest bed and a place where Dave takes an occasional nap.

We have three foot stools. One is also a storage container where I stash pillows and a throw when we have company.

If we use our foot stools as guest seating and bring all our chairs into the living room, we can seat 16 people. Which blows my mind.

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