Minimalist Hobbies

During the pandemic of 2020, I returned to some hobbies of old.

The newest one is crocheting. For many years I crocheted and sold string bags. Now I am crocheting an afghan. I am doing that by making what’s commonly known as granny squares. This is an excellent minimalist hobby because granny squares require only a skein of yard, a crochet hook, and a pair of scissors to make each square so they can be made anywhere at any time including waiting rooms at medical facilities. The finished squares can be stored anywhere until it is time to sew them together so you needn’t haul anything bulky around with you.

My primary hobby has always been reading. I learned to read even before I started school and have been an enthusiastic reader ever since. I used to have nine bookcases, some taller than me, full of books until my allergist said I needed to get rid of them. I then started making better use of my local library. When we moved into a motorhome the local library was no longer a sensible choice so I allowed myself to own six paperback books at one time. When I finished one I would take the next opportunity to trade it for another. Some RV parks have places you can trade books; if there is no official place you can often find them in laundromats. Now, I only read eBooks. One gadget is enough to hold as many books as I have waiting for me. I have to remind myself every now and then that I don’t need to collect any more even though I get them free through

I’ve also been a puzzle worker all my life. Mom once told me about Grandma asking her if my older brother worked puzzles. Mom said, β€œYes, Linda works puzzles,” and Grandma replied, β€œI know Linda works puzzles I want to know if Terry works them.” Early in the pandemic I started buying jigsaw puzzles to work on the card table or desk. But, I didn’t like the mess they made while working them. Now I work jigsaw puzzles online at Caution! These can be addictive so beware if you decide to check them out.

I also read and write blogs online and participate in discussion forums about RVing or minimalism. Helping people new to RVing and/or minimalism figure out how to do it gives me great pleasure since I am giving back to a community that has helped me. Like you.


  • Having noted your start blog post – that there isn’t a limit on how many pieces of paper, brushes or even yarns – I can cope with that. But I know I have too many “fine art paint brushes”. I can no longer crochet because of my hands, but I can knit squares and I’v been doing that from time to time.
    As for reading, something “broke inside me early last year” and to date have slowly ditched most “real books” from my life. I can’t even manage a digital thing – but I’m happy to read the blogs that somehow I get behind with but love hearing about peoples’ lives all over the world.

    • I’m glad to know you are at least finding some things you can still do. Like I said in my intro, you’ll know what’s too many of any one item for you. πŸ™‚

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