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If you have read the Minimalist Food entry you know I don’t cook a lot. The last few years I’ve cooked even less because we moved into a senior housing complex that has a restaurant, a pub, and a cafe’ on site and our rent includes a credit to be used in those facilities. So our food is prepared for us at least one meal a day. With breakfast on our own and a light evening meal we tend to get our main meal of the day delivered to us. All that means I don’t need a lot of equipment in my kitchen. But, other than having fewer duplicates now I pretty much have the same gear I had before. Except for the crock pot—mine made twelve servings for two people which got unwieldily pretty quickly so it had to go.

Like most things in my life nowadays, I have sorted my kitchen gear into categories.

Microwave cookware:

  • Corning casserole with glass lid
  • Corning pie plate with plastic lid
  • Corning Grab-it bowl
  • glass measuring cup
  • silicone lids in a variety of sizes
  • microwave grill with lid (see photo above)

Stove top cookware:

  • small skillet with lid
  • large skillet with lid
  • sauce pan with lid for boiling eggs

Oven cookware:

  • sheet pan
  • cooking/cooling rack
  • pot holders
  • Corningware listed above


  • pancake turner
  • Chef’s knife
  • serrated knife (mine is a set of steak knives)
  • tongs
  • can opener
  • potato peeler
  • scissors

Prep gear:

  • mixing bowls (mine can also go in the microwave or oven)
  • cutting board
  • mixing spoon/spatula
  • measuring spoons
  • strainer
  • food scale

Small appliances:

  • food processor
  • toaster oven

We also have a few specialty items used mostly for holidays:

  • electric knife (this only gets used a few times a year when we have ham or turkey)
  • pastry blender, flour sifter, and rolling pin (Dave uses these to make pie crust)
  • mixer (Dave uses our small hand held one to make pumpkin pie filling)

Those 31 items are enough to make everything I cook regularly including the ones on the Minimalist Food page. I have even been known to bake a cake in the casserole dish. Dave makes pumpkin pie in the pie plate but I also use it to take deviled eggs to family gatherings and as a dining plate for things that don’t do well on a flat plate. The microwave grill quickly cooks meat and poultry with grill marks on them even during a Minnesota winter.

Do you need more?

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