Minimalist Game Pack

Minimal gear for maximum fun.

Some rain must fall into the life of everyone. If it is a mild, warm rain you may choose to go out and play in it. More often you will need to stay inside for some length of time. So, the question becomes what to do while inside. My family chose to play games. Sometimes board games but more often card games.

I don’t remember the first card game I ever played but I suspect it was something like Crazy 8’s since that only required being able to recognize numbers and suits but did not yet require an ability to make strategic moves. I do know I learned to play Canasta before my hands were big enough to hold that many cards so I laid my cards face down on the table then tried to remember what they were. I had to peek a lot.

I still like to play games. So much so that I prefer to bring with me items that let me play anywhere. But there is not much room in my luggage for games so I developed what I call a games pack. It’s a quart-size zip top bag that holds two decks of cards, six dice, a small pencil, a small tablet of paper, and a tiny cribbage board. That all fits in the bottom of the bag letting me fold over the top of the bag to make a tidy package. And it lets me, my family, and/or friends play a selection of games anywhere we can find a surface on which to play.

For instance, six dice means we can play:

  • Yahtzee, which needs five dice
  • Farkle, which needs six dice
  • Bunco, which needs three dice so we can actually have two games going at the same time

Two decks of cards means we can play:

  • Solitaire, when no one else want to play with me
  • Canasta, with any number of players
  • Oh, Hell, which takes two players but can accommodate several more
  • Rummy, we know various games that fit in this category
  • Hearts, which is fun with lots of players
  • 500, the game Dave majored in at college
  • Cribbage, which only takes two players and requires the tiny cribbage board to keep score.

The pencil and paper are for keeping score of all the other games.

Or whatever other games we decide to try.

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